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We have 1487 Baby Names beginning with the letter "M" - Showing from 561 to 595.
Name Origin Meaning Rating Fav.
MarionPolishBorrowed from the French, Marion is..
MarionScottishA borrowing from the French, Marion..
MarisaEnglishModern elaboration of Maria, formed..
MarisaSpanishCompound name composed from Maria a..
MarisolSpanishPopular compound name composed from..
MarissaAmericanModern elaboration of Maria, form..
MaristelaSpanishCompound name composed from Maria a..
MaritHebrewThis name means "lady."
MariusFrenchA borrowing from the Latin, Marius ..
MariusGermanA borrowing from the Latin, Marius ..
MariyaRussianRussian form of Mary, a name derive..
MarjaniAfricanCoral. Swahili, E. Africa
MarjattaFinnishA form of Margaret, which means "..
Marjolain..FrenchDerived from marjolaine, the Fren..
MarkAmericanEnglish cognate of Marcus. See M..
MarkBiblicalA name of debated derivation. See ..
MarkEnglishEnglish cognate of the Latin Marcus..
MarkRussianCognate of the Latin Marcus, a name..
MarkePolishA form of the Latin name Marcus, ..
MarkeisiaEnglishA combination of Mary and Keisha
MarkeseFrenchAn alternate form of Marquis
MarketaSlovakCzech form of Margaret, a cognate..
MarketaBulgarianA form of Margaret, a name that m..
MarkitaCzechA form of the name Margaret, whic..
MarkoUkrainianMeaning "hammer."
MarkosGreekGreek form of the Latin Marcus, a n..
MarkusGermanFrom the Latin Marcus, a name of un..
MarkusHungarianDerived from the Latin Marcus, a ..
MarlaAmericanContracted form of Marlene, which..
MarlaEnglishContracted form of Marlene, which i..
MarlandAmericanTransferred use of the English surn..
MarleeEnglishA form of Marlene, which means "h..
MarlenaGermanA form of Marlene, which means "h..
MarleneEnglishGerman contraction of Maria Magdale..
MarleyEnglishA familiar form of Marlene
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