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We have 1487 Baby Names beginning with the letter "M" - Showing from 946 to 980.
Name Origin Meaning Rating Fav.
MellanIrishAnglicized form of Meallan (little ..
MelodieGreekDerived from meladia (melody), whic..
MelodyEnglishTaken directly from melody (melody,..
MelonieAmericanAn alternate form of Melanie
MelosaSpanishMeaning "sweet; tender."
MelpomeneGreekGreek muse of tragedy.
MelroneIrishMeaning "servant of Saint Ruadhan."
MelvilleFrenchMeaning "mill town."
MelvinEnglishOf uncertain etymology, Melvin migh..
MelvinIrishMeaning "armored chief." Actor Melv..
MelvinaIrish"Armored chief." A feminine form of..
MenachemHebrewPopular Hebrew name meaning "co..
MenashaNative Amer..Island. Algonquian
MenasheHebrewCausing to forget. The name was bor..
MenewaNative Amer..Great warrior. Creek
MengChineseShining; tomorrow
MeniaScandinavia..Of unknown meaning borne in Norse m..
MenicoSpanishA short form of Domenico, meaning..
MensahAfricanAkeradini name meaning "third-born ..
MenzGermanA short form of Clement, meaning ..
MEONAHHebrewA dwelling, a resting place
MeoquaneeNative Amer..Clothed in red. Chippewa
MeravHebrewIncrease. The name was borne by the..
MercedeItalianDerived from the Italian mercede (r..
MercedesSpanishDerived from the Spanish merced (me..
MerciaEnglishA form of Marcia, meaning "warlik..
MercyEnglishTaken from mercy (compassion, forgi..
MeredithEnglishOf debated meaning, some believe it..
MeredithWelshModern form of the Old Welsh Maredu..
MerelinaHawaiianHawaiianized form of Marilyn, a m..
MereridWelshWelsh form of Margaret (a pearl). S..
MerfynWelshPopular name derived from the Old W..
MeriFinnishThis name signifies "the sea."
MerielIrishMeaning "shining sea."
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