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We have 1487 Baby Names beginning with the letter "M" - Showing from 71 to 105.
Name Origin Meaning Rating Fav.
MagaliFrenchProvencal name of uncertain etymolo..
Magaskawe..Native Amer..Swan maiden. Sioux
Magaskawe..Native Amer..Which means "swan woman." From the ..
MagdaGermanA short form of Magdalena (woman fr..
MagdaHebrewA short form of Magdalene (of Magda..
MagdaRumanianA short form of Magdalena (of Magda..
MagdaCzechA form of Magdalen, which means "..
MagdaPolishA form of the name Magdalen, whic..
MagdalaBiblicalA tower. Magdala was the name of a ..
MagdalenaSlovakDerived from the Ecclesiastic Gre..
MagdalenaGermanLatinate form of Magdalene, which..
MagdalenaPolishDerived from the Ecclesiastic Greek..
MagdalenaRumanianLatinate form of Magdalene, from th..
MagdalenaScandinavia..Latinate form of Magdalene, from ..
MagdalenaSpanishDerived from the Ecclesiastic Greek..
MagdaleneBiblicalOf Magdala. The name was borne by M..
MagdaleneEnglishDerived from the Ecclesiastic Greek..
MagdaleneGreekEcclesiastic Greek name meaning..
MagdaleneHebrewHebrew name meaning "of Magdala..
MagdolnaHungarianHungarian form of Magdalena, a La..
MageeIrishMeaning "son of Hugh." Usually a su..
MagenaNative Amer..Meaning "coming moon." From the Oma..
MaggieAmericanA pet form of Magnolia and Marga..
MaggieIrishPet form of Margaret (a pearl). Mag..
MaggieScottishA pet form of Margaret (a pearl), M..
MaghnusIrishGaelic form of Magnus (great). See ..
MagnarNorwegianMeaning "strength" or "warrior." Ag..
MagnhildNorwegianMeaning "strength."
MagniScandinavia..Derived from the Old Norse megin (m..
MagnoliaAmericanTaken from the name of the trees or..
MagnusEnglishA borrowing from the Latin, Magnus ..
MagnusGermanDerived from the Latin magnus (grea..
MagnusIrishA borrowing from the Latin, Magnus ..
MagnusScandinavia..Derived from the Latin magnus (grea..
MagnusScottishA borrowing from the Latin, Magnus ..
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