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Browse over 230 Slovak Girl Names and Slovak Boy Names

Slovak Baby Names

Name Origin Meaning Rating Fav.
RomanSlovakFrom the Latin Romanus (a Roman),..
RomanaSlovakFeminine form of Roman, which is ..
RostislavSlovakCompound name composed of the Slavo..
RostislavaSlovakFeminine form of Rostislav (seize..
RudolfSlovakA borrowing from the German, Rudolf..
RutSlovakCzech cognate of Ruth, a name of ..
RuzenaSlovakCzech cognate of the Latin Rosa (a ..
SimonSlovakFrom the Ecclesiastic Late Latin Si..
SlavomirSlovakCompound name composed of the Slavo..
SobeslavSlovakCompound name composed of the Slavo..
SobeslavaSlovakCompound name composed from the Sla..
StanislavSlovakCompound name composed of the Slavo..
StanislavaSlovakFeminine form of Stanislav (glori..
StepSlovakana Feminine form of Stepan, a co..
StepanSlovakCzech form of Stephen, a cogn..
SvatomirSlovakCompound name composed of the Slavo..
SvatopulkSlovakCompound name composed from the Sla..
SvatoslavSlovakCompound name composed from the Sla..
SvetlanaSlovakDerived from the Russian Svetl..
TechomirSlovakCompound name composed from the Sla..
TechoslavSlovakCompound name composed from the Sla..
TomasSlovakFrom the Ecclesiastic Greek Thomas..
UrbanSlovakFrom the Latin Urbanus (city dwelle..
VaclavaSlovakFeminine form of Vaclav, a varian..
ValentinSlovakCzech form of Valentine, whic..
VavrinecSlovakCzech form of Laurence, which is ..
VeleslavSlovakCompound name composed from the Sla..
VeleslavaSlovakFeminine form of Veleslav (great ..
VenceslavSlovakCzech form of Wenceslas, a name c..
VenceslavaSlovakFeminine form of Venceslav (glory..
VeraSlovakDerived from the Russian Vjera..
ViktorSlovakCzech form of Victor, a Latin nam..
ViliimSlovakCzech cognate of the German Wilhelm..
VincencSlovakCzech form of Vincent (conquering..
VitSlovakCzech form of the Latin Vitus, a ..

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