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Browse over 230 Slovak Girl Names and Slovak Boy Names

Slovak Baby Names

Name Origin Meaning Rating Fav.
KarolinaSlovakPopular feminine form of Karl (fu..
KaterinaSlovakCzech cognate of the Greek Aik..
KlimentSlovakCzech form of Clement, which ..
KonstantinSlovakCzech form of Constantine, wh..
KornelSlovakFrom the Latin Cornelius, an old Ro..
KrystofSlovakCzech cognate of Christopher (beari..
KvetaSlovakPopular name derived from kvet (flo..
LalaSlovakPopular name of Slavonic origin mea..
LeosSlovakCzech form of the Late Latin Leo, a..
LibenaSlovakPopular name derived from lib (love..
LiborSlovakDerived from the Latin Liberius, wh..
LidaSlovakCzech form of the Greek Lydia..
LubaSlovakDerived from the Slavonic lub (love..
LubomirSlovakCompound name composed of the Slavo..
LubomiraSlovakFeminine form of Lubomir (great l..
LudmilaSlovakCompound name composed of the Slavo..
LudomirSlovakCompound name composed of the Slavo..
LudoslavSlovakCompound name composed of the Slavo..
LudvikSlovakCzech form of Ludwig (famous ..
LukasSlovakCzech cognate of the Latin Lucas, a..
MagdalenaSlovakDerived from the Ecclesiastic Gre..
MarcelaSlovakFrom the Latin Marcellus, a dimin..
MarekSlovakCzech cognate of Mark, which ..
MariaSlovakLatin form of Mary, which is deri..
MarianSlovakFrom the Latin Marianus (of Mariu..
MarianaSlovakFeminine form of Marian, which is..
MarikaSlovakPet form of Maria, Marika is al..
MarketaSlovakCzech form of Margaret, a cognate..
MartaSlovakCzech form of Martha, a name deri..
MatejSlovakCzech cognate of Matthew, which is ..
MatyldaSlovakCzech cognate of Matilda, which i..
MecislavSlovakCompound name, the first element of..
MecislavaSlovakFeminine form of Mecislav, a comp..
MetodejSlovakCzech form of the Russian Mefo..
MichaelSlovakA borrowing from the Hebrew, Michae..

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