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Browse over 484 Scandinavian Girl Names and Scandinavian Boy Names

Scandinavian Baby Names

Name Origin Meaning Rating Fav.
TheodoorScandinavia..Dutch cognate of Theodore (gift of ..
ThiassiScandinavia..Ancient name of uncertain meaning b..
ThomasScandinavia..A borrowing from the Ecclesiastic G..
ThorScandinavia..Derived from the Old Norse pan (thu..
ThoraScandinavia..Feminine form of Thor, the name of ..
ThorerScandinavia..Old Viking name still in common use..
ThorsteinScandinavia..Used primarily in Denmark and Swede..
ThorvaldrScandinavia..Old Viking name composed of the Old..
TildaScandinavia..A short form of Matilda (powerful i..
TinaScandinavia..A very popular short form of Cristi..
ToraScandinavia..Latinate short form of any of the n..
TorbjornScandinavia..Swedish name composed of the Ol..
TorborgScandinavia..Modern variant of an Old Norse name..
TordScandinavia..Contracted form of the Old Norse (p..
TordisScandinavia..Derived from an Old Norse compound ..
TorgerScandinavia..Swedish name composed of the Ol..
TorkelScandinavia..Swedish contracted form of the obso..
TorolfScandinavia..Old Viking name meaning "Thor's wol..
TorunnScandinavia..Derived from the Old Norse Porunnr,..
TovaScandinavia..Swedish form of Tofa, an Old Norse ..
ToveScandinavia..Swedish short form of Thorvaldr (..
TrondScandinavia..From Trondelag. It was originally u..
TuridScandinavia..Derived from the Old Norse Porfrisr..
TychoScandinavia..Derived from the Greek Tychon (hitt..
TyrScandinavia..Borne by the oldest of all the Goth..
UlfScandinavia..Derived from the popular Old Norse ..
UllScandinavia..Thought to be derived from the Goth..
UllaScandinavia..Derived from the Old Norse ullr (wi..
UlrikScandinavia..Derived from the old Germanic name ..
UlrikaScandinavia..Latinate form of Ulrike, the femini..
UnnScandinavia..Derived from the Old Norse element ..
UrbanScandinavia..Derived from the Latin urbanus (fro..
UrsulaScandinavia..Middle Latin name which is a diminu..
ValdemarScandinavia..Derivative of an old German nam..
ValentinScandinavia..Derived from the Latin Valentinus..

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