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Browse over 484 Scandinavian Girl Names and Scandinavian Boy Names

Scandinavian Baby Names

Name Origin Meaning Rating Fav.
EdvardScandinavia..From the Old English Eadward, a com..
EdzardScandinavia..Frisian form of the Germanic Eckhar..
EgilScandinavia..Derived from the Old Norse element ..
EilifScandinavia..Norwegian name derived from the Old..
EinarScandinavia..Scandinavian name composed of t..
EinmyriaScandinavia..Of uncertain meaning borne in Norse..
EiraScandinavia..Of uncertain meaning borne in Norse..
EisaScandinavia..Of uncertain meaning borne in Norse..
ElisabetScandinavia..Derived from the Hebrew etisheba (G..
ElkeScandinavia..Dutch pet form of Adelheid (noble..
EllertScandinavia..Derivative of the Germanic Eckhard,..
ElliScandinavia..Old age. The name is borne in Norse..
ElofScandinavia..Swedish name derived from the O..
ElsaScandinavia..Short form of Elisabet (God is my..
EmanuelScandinavia..Derived from the Greek Emmanouel, w..
EmilScandinavia..Germanic name commonly used through..
ErikScandinavia..A name that has remained popular si..
ErikaScandinavia..Feminine form of Erik, which is f..
ErlendScandinavia..Derived from the Old Norse orlendr ..
ErnaScandinavia..Capable. According to Norse mytholo..
EsbjornScandinavia..Old Norse name that has remained in..
EskelScandinavia..Of Old Norse derivation, Eskel is c..
EsterScandinavia..Scandinavian form of Esther, a name..
EvaScandinavia..Latinate form of Eve commonly used ..
EverhartScandinavia..Dutch name derived from the Old Hig..
EwouldScandinavia..Dutch form of the Germanic Ewald, a..
EyulfScandinavia..Norwegian name derived from the ele..
EyvindScandinavia..Old Norse name composed of the elem..
FaasScandinavia..Dutch and Flemish form of Fastred (..
FeelScandinavia..Dutch cognate of Felix, a Latin nam..
FeniaScandinavia..Of uncertain meaning borne in Norse..
FenrisScandinavia..Ancient name of uncertain meaning b..
FilipScandinavia..Derived from the Greek Philippos (l..
FinnScandinavia..Derived from the Old Norse Finnr (a..
FiskeScandinavia..Swedish name derived from fiske..

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