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Browse over 96 Norwegian Girl Names and Norwegian Boy Names

Norwegian Baby Names

Name Origin Meaning Rating Fav.
IvarNorwegianAn alternate form of Ivor, from the..
JanNorwegianMeaning "son of Jan."
JarlNorwegianMeaning "earl" or "nobleman."
JorunnNorwegianA name that means "chief" or "love...
JosefNorwegianA form of Joseph, which means "he..
KarenNorwegianA name that means "pure."
KarinNorwegianA form of Karen. Novelist Karin M..
KirstiNorwegianA familiar form of Kirsten, meani..
KjeilNorwegianA name that signifies "spring."
KjerstiNorwegianAn alternate form of Kirsten, which..
KlengNorwegianMeaning "claw." Among notable peopl..
KnutNorwegianAn alternate form of Canute, from t..
KristinNorwegianAn alternate form of Kristen. Among..
KristineNorwegianA form of Christine, meaning "Chr..
LarsNorwegianA form of Lawrence, which means "..
LeifNorwegianThis name means "beloved."
LinneaNorwegianMeaning "lime tree." Also the name ..
LivNorwegianThis name means "life." One famous ..
MagnarNorwegianMeaning "strength" or "warrior." Ag..
MagnhildNorwegianMeaning "strength."
MatteusNorwegianFrom the Hebrew Matthew, meaning "G..
MikkelNorwegianA form of Michael, which means "W..
MortenNorwegianA form of Martin, which means "wa..
NicolaiNorwegianA form of Nicholas, which means "..
NilsNorwegianA form of Neil "champion" and Nel..
OddNorwegianMeaning "point." Among renowned peo..
OdinNorwegianMeaning "ruler." The name of the ch..
OlafNorwegianMeaning "ancestor." A patron saint ..
OlaugNorwegianMeaning "ancestors."
OlavNorwegianAn alternate form of Olaf
OlgaNorwegianMeaning "holy." Among renowned wome..
OskarNorwegianMeaning "divine spearman." Notable ..
OttarNorwegianThis name signifies "point warrior"..
OttoNorwegianThe name of Saint Odo of Cluny.
OysteinNorwegianMeaning "rock of happiness." 0ystei..

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