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Browse over 96 Norwegian Girl Names and Norwegian Boy Names

Norwegian Baby Names

Name Origin Meaning Rating Fav.
PetterNorwegianA form of Peter, meaning "a rock...
RagnaNorwegianThis name signifies "mighty."
RagnarNorwegianMeaning "powerful army." Among nota..
ReidarNorwegianThis name has the significance "nes..
RikardNorwegianA form of Richard, which means "r..
RoaldNorwegianMeaning "famous ruler." Explorer Ro..
RoarNorwegianA name that means "praised warrior...
RunaNorwegianA name that means "secret" or "flow..
SigridNorwegianMeaning "fair victory." Nobel Prize..
SiljeNorwegianA form of Cecilia, meaning "music..
SivNorwegianThis name means "Thor's wife."
SonjaNorwegianA form of Sonya, which means "wis..
StefanNorwegianA form of Stephen, which means "a..
SteinarNorwegianMeaning "rock warrior." A popular S..
StianNorwegianA name that means "quick on his fee..
ThoraNorwegianMeaning "thunder." A feminine form ..
ThoraldNorwegianMeaning "Thor's follower."
ThorbjornNorwegianMeaning "Thor's bear."
ThorleifNorwegianMeaning "Thor's beloved."
ThorvaldNorwegianMeaning "Thor's forest."
TliorNorwegianMeaning "thunder." This is the name..
TrudeNorwegianA name that signifies "strength."
TrygveNorwegianThis name signifies "brave victor."..
UnnNorwegianMeaning "she who is loved."
VegardNorwegianMeaning "sanctuary" or "protection...
VidarNorwegianMeaning "tree warrior." One popular..

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