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Mythology and Astrology Baby Names

Name Origin Meaning Rating Fav.
PhilemonMythology a..Derived from the Greek phileman (af..
PhoebeMythology a..Feminine form of the Greek Phoibos ..
PhoenixMythology a..Derived from the Greek phoinix (dar..
PhoenixMythology a..Derived from the Greek phoinix (dar..
PireneMythology a..Borne in Greek mythology by a daugh..
PolynicesMythology a..Borne in Greek legend by a son of O..
PolyxenaMythology a..Compound name composed from the Gre..
PontusMythology a..From Greek mythology, Pontus was an..
ProserpineMythology a..Borne in Roman mythology by a daugh..
PsycheMythology a..Derived from the Greek psyche (the ..
PyrrhaMythology a..Derived from the Greek pyrrhos (red..
QuirlnusMythology a..From Roman mythology, Quirinus was ..
RadhaMythology a..Derived from the Sanskrit radha (su..
RaidenMythology a..From Japanese mythology, Raiden was..
RaphaelMythology a..Derived from the Hebrew fefd'el (Go..
ReginMythology a..Derived from the Old Norse regn, ra..
RheaMythology a..Silvia From Roman mythology, Rhea S..
RheaMythology a..Silvia From Roman mythology, Rhea S..
RhiannonMythology a..Welsh name believed to be deriv..
RomaMythology a..Latin name of Rome, which is named ..
RoseMythology a..The name of a beautiful, fragrant f..
RubyMythology a..The name of a deep red variety of c..
SachielMythology a..Borne by the archangel that watches..
SalusMythology a..Derived from the Latin salus (safet..
SamuelMythology a..Cognate of the Hebrew Shmuel, which..
SeleneMythology a..Derived from the Greek selene (the ..
SemeleMythology a..From Greek mythology, Semele is the..
SeshetaMythology a..From Egyptian mythology, Sesheta wa..
SibylMythology a..Derived from the Latin Sibylla (a f..
SiegfriedMythology a..Compound name composed from the Ger..
SiegmundMythology a..Germanic compound name composed fro..
SifMythology a..Derived from the Old Norse sifr (ki..
SigmundMythology a..Derived from the Old Norse Sigmundr..
SignyMythology a..Derived from an Old Norse compound ..
SigurdMythology a..From the obsolete Old Norse Sigvor5..

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