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Browse over 271 Mythology and Astrology Girl Names and Mythology and Astrology Boy Names

Mythology and Astrology Baby Names

Name Origin Meaning Rating Fav.
AtreusMythology a..From Greek mythology, Atreus was a ..
AurielMythology a..Hebrew name meaning "lion of Go..
AuroraMythology a..Derived from the Latin aurora (dawn..
AutonoeMythology a..From Greek mythology, Autonoe was t..
AvalonMythology a..From the Middle Latin Avallonis ins..
AzraelMythology a..Derived from the Hebrew 'azra'el (h..
BacchusMythology a..Derived from the Greek Bakchos, an ..
BerecyntiaMythology a..A name of the Phrygian goddess of t..
BerylMythology a..The name of a type of gemstone assi..
BiralMythology a..The name of the early legendary Aus..
BishamonMythology a..Japanese god of war and good luck a..
BrahmaMythology a..From the Sanskrit brahman (worship,..
BranMythology a..Derived from the Gaelic bran (raven..
BranwenMythology a..Derived from the Celtic elements br..
BriareusMythology a..Found in Greek and Roman mythology ..
BrigantiaMythology a..Believed to be derived from the Cel..
BrigitMythology a..Believed to be derived from the Cel..
BriseisMythology a..From Greek mythology, Briseis was t..
BrynhildMythology a..Compound name composed of the Old N..
CadmusMythology a..Derived from the Greek Kadmos (one ..
CagnMythology a..From African mythology, Cagn is the..
CamillaMythology a..Derived from the Latin Camilla (vir..
CassielMythology a..The name given to the archangel who..
CastaliaMythology a..From Greek mythology, Castalia was ..
CepheusMythology a..From Greek mythology, Cepheus was a..
CeresMythology a..From the Sanskrit root kri (to cult..
ChlorisMythology a..Derived from the Greek chloros (gre..
ConcordiaMythology a..From the Latin concordia (harmony, ..
CreonMythology a..Derived from the Greek kreon (ruler..
CressidaMythology a..Of unknown etymology. It was borne ..
CybeleMythology a..Borne by the Phrygian and Lydian go..
CyreneMythology a..From Greek mythology, Cyrene was a ..
DaisyMythology a..The name of a flower assigned to th..
DanaeMythology a..From the Greek Danae (the parched o..
DanausMythology a..From Greek mythology, Danaus was a ..

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