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Japanese Baby Names

Name Origin Meaning Rating Fav.
MikieJapaneseGeneration tree trunk
MikikoJapaneseChild of the tree trunk
MikkaJapaneseDerived from mikka (third day, thre..
MinakoJapaneseThree seven child
MineJapanesePeak, summit
MinekoJapaneseChild of the summit
MioJapaneseMeaning "three times as strong."
MisakiJapaneseMeaning "beautiful" or "blossom."
MisaoJapaneseFidelity, loyalty
MisokaJapaneseDerived from misoka (the last day o..
MitsukoJapaneseChild of the light
MiwaJapaneseMeaning "far-sighted."
MiyaJapaneseMeaning "temple."
MiyoJapaneseBeautiful child
MiyukiJapaneseSilence of deep snow7. Derived from..
MizukoJapaneseDerived from mizu (water) and ko (c..
MomokoJapaneseMeaning "peach child."
MonJapaneseDerived from the Japanese mon (gate..
MoriJapaneseDerived from the Japanese mori (woo..
MorieJapaneseTree branch of the forest
MorikoJapaneseChild of the forest
MoriyoJapaneseGeneration forest
MotoJapaneseDerived from the Japanese moto (ori..
MotokoJapaneseChild of the source
MuikaJapaneseDerived from the Japanese muika (si..
MuraJapaneseDerived from the Japanese mura (vil..
MurasakiJapaneseDerived from the Japanese murasaki ..
NagatakaJapaneseEverlasting filial duty
NagisaJapaneseThe seashore
NamiJapaneseDerived from the Japanese nami (sur..
NaoJapaneseRight, honest
NaokiJapaneseMeaning "upright tree."
NaokoJapaneseStraight, honest

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