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Japanese Baby Names

Name Origin Meaning Rating Fav.
ToshihiroJapaneseComposed from elements meaning "int..
ToshiroJapaneseMeaning "smart lad." The name is fa..
TosliiJapaneseMeaning "year of plenty." Big band ..
TsubasaJapaneseMeaning "wings."
TsuhgiJapaneseSecond-born child
TsunaJapaneseMeaning "bond."
TsurukoJapaneseDerived from tsuru (crane) and ko (..
TukikoJapaneseDerived from tuki (moon) and ko (ch..
TukiyoJapaneseMoon generation
UmeJapaneseDerived from the Japanese ume (plum..
UmekiJapaneseDerived from ume (plum blossom) and..
UmekoJapanesePlum blossom child
UmikoJapaneseDerived from umi (the sea) and ko (..
UranoJapaneseMeaning "coast."
UrnekoJapaneseMeaning "plum blossom child" or "pa..
UtaJapaneseDerived from uta (song, poem)
UtakoJapaneseChild of the song
WakanaJapaneseMeaning "plant."
WashiJapaneseA soaring name that means "eagle."
WattanJapaneseMeaning "homeland."
YasahiroJapaneseComposed from elements meaning "tra..
YasuJapaneseMeaning "calm."
YasuhiroJapaneseMeaning "healthy and generous." Jap..
YasuoJapaneseTranquil, calm
YemonJapaneseGuarding the gate. Derived from mon..
YokkakoJapaneseDerived from yokka (fourth day, fou..
YokoJapaneseFour; positive; side
YoniJapaneseMeaning "wealth" or "rice".
YoriJapaneseMeaning "reliable."
YosheJapanesePopular name meaning "a beauty, lov..
YoshiJapanesePopular name meaning "good."
YoshikoJapaneseGood child
YuJapaneseMeaning "masculine."
YukaJapaneseMeaning "sweet smelling."
YukiJapaneseDerived from yuki (snow)

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