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Japanese Baby Names

Name Origin Meaning Rating Fav.
KikuJapaneseCrysanthemum branch. The crysanthem..
KikueJapaneseTree branch crysanthemum
KikukoJapaneseCrysanthemum branch child
KimiJapaneseWithout equal,
KimieJapaneseTree branch without equal, inlet wi..
KimikoJapaneseChild without equal
KimiyoJapaneseGeneration child
KinJapaneseDerived from kin (gold),
KinJapaneseDerived from kin (gold),
KinuJapaneseDerived from kinu (silk)
KinukoJapaneseChild of silk
KinuyoJapaneseSilk generation
KiokoJapaneseMenaing "happy child."
KishiJapaneseBeach, seashore
KishikoJapaneseChild of the seashore
KitaJapaneseMeaning "north" is commonly used as..
KiwaJapaneseBorn on a border
KiwakoJapaneseChild born on a border
KiwayoJapaneseGeneration on a border
KiyoJapaneseHappy generations. The name connote..
KiyokoJapaneseChild of happy generations
KiyoshiJapaneseBright, shining, clear
KiyoshiJapaneseBright, shining, clear
KoJapaneseFilial duty, daughterly devotion, c..
KohanaJapaneseCompound name composed of the eleme..
KojiJapaneseChild, little
KomaJapaneseDerived from the elements ko (littl..
KomakoJapanesePony child,
KomeJapaneseRice. The name is indicative of a n..
KomekoJapaneseRice child
KonekoJapaneseDerived from the Japanese ko-neko (..
KukikoJapaneseSnow child
KumaJapaneseMeaning "bear."

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