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Browse over 253 Hungarian Girl Names and Hungarian Boy Names

Hungarian Baby Names

Name Origin Meaning Rating Fav.
RozsaHungarianHungarian name meaning "rose."
RudolfHungarianDerived from the Old High German Hr..
SalamanHungarianHungarian form of Solomon, a He..
SamuelHungarianHungarian form of Samuel, a cogna..
SandorHungarianA short form of Alexandre (defend..
SaraHungarianDerived from the Hebrew Sarah, wh..
SarlotaHungarianMeaning "princess."
SasaHungarianMeaning "princess."
SebestyenHungarianHungarian form of Sebastian, a de..
SimonHungarianDerived from the Hebrew Shimon, w..
SofiaHungarianHungarian form of the Greek Sophia,..
SzygfridHungarianA form of the German name Sieg..
TaborHungarianDerived from tabor (camp)
TamasHungarianHungarian cognate of Thomas, an E..
TecaHungarianA form of Theresa, which means "r..
TereziaHungarianOf uncertain derivation, most belie..
TiborHungarianMeaning "hallowed place." Tibor Jan..
TobiasHungarianEcclesiastic Late Latin name derive..
TsiganaHungarianAn alternate form of Zigana, which ..
TwdorHungarianHungarian form of Theodor, a deriva..
TziganaHungarianHungarian name meaning "gypsy."
VencelHungarianMeaning "necklace of glory."
VeraHungarianLatin name derived from verus (true..
VicaHungarianHungarian cognate of Vita, a Latin ..
VidaHungarianDerived from the Latin vitus (life)..
VidorHungarianA delightful name that means "cheer..
ViktorHungarianHungarian form of Victor, a name ..
ViktoriaHungarianHungarian cognate of the Latin Vict..
VilhelmHungarianHungarian cognate of the German Wil..
ViliHungarianA form of William, which means "d..
VincenzeHungarianFrom the Late Latin Vincentius (con..
VinciHungarianA form of the Latin name Victor, ..
WalterHungarianDerived from the Frankish Waldhere ..
ZakoHungarianMeaning "God has remembered."
ZiganaHungarianTranslated literally, means "Gypsy ..

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