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Browse over 253 Hungarian Girl Names and Hungarian Boy Names

Hungarian Baby Names

Name Origin Meaning Rating Fav.
KelemenHungarianA name that means "gentle" or "kind..
KlaraHungarianHungarian form of Clara, a name d..
KlariszaHungarianHungarian form of Clarissa, a nam..
KlementHungarianFrom the Late Latin Clemens, which ..
KlotildHungarianHungarian form of the German Clotil..
KolomanHungarianBelieved to be derived from the ele..
KonradHungarianA borrowing from the German, Konrad..
KonstancziaHungarianHungarian form of Constance, a fe..
KornelHungarianFrom the Latin Cornelius, an old Ro..
KorneliaHungarianDerived from the Latin Cornelia, ..
KristofHungarianHungarian form of Christopher (be..
KrisztinaHungarianHungarian cognate of Christina, a..
LadislasHungarianFrom the Slavonic Vladislav, a co..
LajosHungarianHungarian form of Louis, a name d..
LaszlyHungarianMeaning "famous leader." Laslo Toma..
LenciHungarianMeaning "light."
LilikeHungarianHungarian form of Lily, a name de..
LizaHungarianShort form of Elizabeta (God is m..
LorenczHungarianHungarian form of Laurence, which..
LuczaHungarianHungarian form of Lucia, a femini..
LujzaHungarianHungarian form of Louisa, a Latin..
LukaczHungarianHungarian form of Lucas, a Latin ..
LyrandHungarianA form of the German name Rola..
LyrontHungarianA form of the name Lawrence which..
MacoHungarianA form of the Hebrew name Emman..
MagdolnaHungarianHungarian form of Magdalena, a La..
MaksHungarianMeaning "superior."
MalikaHungarianA name that means "industrious."
MarcilkoHungarianA form of Marcellus, which means ..
MargartaHungarianHungarian cognate of the Greek Marg..
MargitHungarianA form of the name Margaret, whic..
MariaHungarianLatinate form of Mary, which is d..
MarkusHungarianDerived from the Latin Marcus, a ..
MartaHungarianHungarian form of Martha, which i..
MartoniHungarianHungarian form of Martin (war-lik..

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