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We have 352 Girl Baby Names beginning with the letter "J" - Showing from 281 to 315.
Name Origin Meaning Rating Fav.
JosieAmericanA familiar form of Josephine, whi..
JossEnglishPet form of Jocelyn, Joss is occa..
JoyBiblicalA word used to denote great feeling..
JoyEnglishTaken from joy (delight, great plea..
JoyceEnglishEvolution of the obsolete Jocosa, w..
JozefaPolishFeminine form of Jozef, which is de..
JozefinaPolishPolish form of the French Josephine..
JozsefaHungarianFeminine form of Jozsef (may he a..
JuanaSpanishPopular feminine form of Juan, th..
JuanitaSpanishFeminine form of the name Juan, whi..
JubileeBiblicalDerived from the Hebrew yobel (a ra..
JuciHungarianMeaning "Hebrew woman" or "praised...
JuditHungarianHungarian form of Judith, a cogna..
JuditaSlovakCzech form of Judith, a cognate o..
JudithBiblicalAnglicized form of the Hebrew Jehud..
JudithEnglishCognate of the Hebrew Jehudith and ..
JudithFrenchCognate of the Hebrew Jehudith and ..
JudithGermanCognate of the Hebrew Jehudith and ..
JudithHebrewAnglicized form of Yehudit (he will..
JudithScandinavia..From the Ecclesiastic Greek loudith..
JudithScottishA borrowing from the English, Judit..
JudyEnglishOriginally a pet form of Judith (..
JudyHebrewA familiar form of Judith. Among ..
JudytaPolishPolish form of Judith, an English c..
JulaPolishA form of the name Julia, which i..
JuliHungarianHungarian form of Julia, a femini..
JuliaBiblicalFeminine form of Julius (downy-be..
JuliaEnglishFeminine form of the Latin Julius..
JuliaGermanFeminine form of Julian (downy-bear..
JuliaIrishFeminine form of the Latin Julius..
JuliaItalianFeminine form of the Latin Julius..
JuliaPolishFeminine form of the Latin Julius, ..
JuliaPortugueseFeminine form of the Latin Julius, ..
JuliaSpanishFeminine form of Julio (the first..
JulianaEnglishCommon throughout Europe, Juliana i..

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