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We have 626 Baby Names beginning with the letter "N" - Showing from 141 to 175.
Name Origin Meaning Rating Fav.
NareshHinduCompound name composed of the eleme..
NareshaHinduFeminine form of Naresh (lord of me..
NariJapaneseMeaning "thunder."
NarmadaIndianName of a sacred river in western I..
NaschaNative Amer..Owl. Navajo,
NaseemHinduMorning breeze
NashashukNative Amer..Thundering. Sauk
Nasheakus..Native Amer..Sauk name borne by a son of Chief B..
Nasheakus..Native Amer..Meaning "loud thunder." From the Sa..
NashjaNative Amer..The Navajo word for "owl."
NashobaNative Amer..Wolf. Choctaw
NashotaNative Amer..Meaning "twin," it is a place name ..
NasicheUgandanMeaning "born in the locust season...
NasimPersianMeaning "breeze" or "fresh air." Bo..
NasirMuslim/Arab..Derived from nasir (one who helps r..
NasomseeNative Amer..Sauk name borne by a son of Chief B..
NasrMuslim/Arab..From the Arabic nasr (victory)
NasrinHinduDerived from the Persian nasfin (wi..
NasrinMuslim/Arab..Derived from the Persian nasrin (wi..
NassorAfricanVictorious. Derived from the Arabic..
NastasNative Amer..Meaning "curved like foxtail grass...
NastasiaGermanA short form of Anastasia (resurrec..
NasyaHebrewMiracle of Jehovah
NatHebrewShort form of any of the names begi..
NataIndianSanskrit for "dancer" or "actor." L..
NatalSpanishThe name is Spanish for "birth."
NataliaHungarianA borrowing from the Latin, Natalia..
NataliaPolishLatin name derived from dies natdti..
NataliaPortugueseLatin name derived from dies natali..
NataliaSpanishFrom the Latin Natalia, a name deri..
NatalieEnglishFrom the Latin Natalia, a name deri..
NatalieFrenchFrom the Latin Natalia, a name deri..
NataliyaRussianA popular borrowing from the Latin,..
NatalkaUkrainianMeaning "natural."
NatanHebrewMeaning "he gave." A prophet, King ..

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