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We have 626 Baby Names beginning with the letter "N" - Showing from 421 to 455.
Name Origin Meaning Rating Fav.
NikodemosGreekCompound name composed from the ele..
NikodimRussianFrom the Greek Nikodemos, a compoun..
NikolaGreekFeminine form of Nikolaos (victory ..
NikolaiRussianRussian cognate of the Greek Nikola..
NikolaiEstonianMeaning "victory."
NikolaiPolishA form of the Greek name Nicol..
NikolaoHawaiianHawaiian form of Nicholas (victor..
NikolaosGreekCompound name composed of the eleme..
NikolausScandinavia..Derived from the Greek Nikolaos (vi..
NikoletaGreekOriginally a pet form of Nikola (vi..
NikomedesGreekCompound name composed from the ele..
NikosGreekPopular short form of any of the va..
Nikostrat..GreekCompound name composed of the eleme..
Nikusubil..TanzanianMeaning "optimistic."
NilRussianA pet form of Nikolai (victory of..
NilaIndianMeaning "blue." A cosmic color that..
NilesEnglishMeaning "son of Neil." A well-known..
NilsNorwegianA form of Neil "champion" and Nel..
NilsSwedishA short form of Nicholas. Among n..
NilsineScandinavia..Swedish feminine form of Nils, a di..
NimaHinduPopular name borrowed from that of ..
NimeshaHinduMomentary, quick. It is indicative ..
NinaAmericanA borrowing from the Russian, Nina ..
NinaEnglishA borrowing of the Russian diminuti..
NinaFrenchA borrowing of the Russian diminuti..
NinaHinduPopular name meaning "beautiful eye..
NinaMythology a..Borne in Assyro-Babylonian mytholog..
NinaRussianA diminutive form of Anna (gracio..
NinaSpanishShort or pet form of several names,..
NinaHebrewA familiar form of Hannah, which ..
NinaNative Amer..Meaning "mighty." Source unknown.
NinastokoNative Amer..Mountain chief. Blackfoot
Nindakand..Native Amer..Meaning "I watch and lie in ambush...
NinelRussianA name from the Soviet era, Ninel i..

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