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We have 626 Baby Names beginning with the letter "N" - Showing from 351 to 385.
Name Origin Meaning Rating Fav.
NiamhIrishGaelic name derived from niamh (bri..
NianChineseMeaning "read" or "recite."
NiaraAfricanA name which signifies "high purpos..
NiazHinduDerived from the Persian nidz (offe..
NibalMuslim/Arab..Derived from the Arabic nibal (arro..
NibawNative Amer..Meaning "I am standing tall." An Oj..
NicandroSpanishDerived from the Greek Nikander, a ..
NiccolaItalianFeminine form of Niccolo (victory..
NiccoloItalianItalian form of the Latin Nicolaus ..
NicheleAfrican-Ame..Modern coinage probably based on th..
NichelleAmericanA blend of Nicole, meaning "victory..
NichoSpanishA form of the name Denis, which e..
NicholasAmericanDerived from the Greek Nikolaos (..
NicholasEnglishFrom the Old French Nicolas (vict..
NicholasIrishA borrowing from the English, Nicho..
NicholasRumanianFrom the Old French Nicolas, which ..
NicholasScottishFrom the Old French Nicolas, which ..
NicholsonEnglishLiterally, the "son of Nicholas."
NiciaItalianFeminine form of Niccolo, the Ita..
NickEnglishA short form of Dominic, Nichola..
NicoGreekShort form of any of the various na..
NicoItalianShort form of any of the various na..
NicodemeFrenchFrom the Greek Nikodemos, a compoun..
NicodemoItalianDerived from the Greek Nikodemos, a..
NicolIrishA short form of Nicholas (victory o..
NicolaIrishLatinate feminine form of Nicholas..
NicolaItalianThe Italian version of the Greek..
NicolaeRumanianRumanian cognate of Nicholas (victo..
NicolaiNorwegianA form of Nicholas, which means "..
NicolaioPortuguesePortuguese cognate of Nicholas (vic..
NicolasFrenchFrom the Latin Nicolaus, a derivati..
NicolasSpanishSpanish form of Nicholas (victory..
NicolauPortugueseA variation upon the name Nicholas..
NicolausGermanA borrowing from the Latin, Nicolau..
NicoleAmericanA borrowing from the French, Nicole..

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