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We have 626 Baby Names beginning with the letter "N" - Showing from 386 to 420.
Name Origin Meaning Rating Fav.
NicoleEnglishBorrowed from the French, Nicole is..
NicoleFrenchFeminine form of Nicolas, which is ..
NicoleGermanA borrowing from the French, Nicole..
NicoletteEnglishOriginally a pet form of Nicole (..
NicoletteFrenchDiminutive form of Nicole (victory ..
NicolineFrenchA familiar form of the Greek na..
NicomedesSpanishA borrowing from the Greek, Nicomed..
NicomedoItalianFrom the Greek Nikomedes, a compoun..
Nicostrat..ItalianFrom the Greek Nikostratos, a compo..
NieleLithuanianMeaning "spring flower." The name o..
NielsScandinavia..A Danish form of Nicholas (victory ..
NienSoutheast A..Year. Vietnam
NieveSpanishMeaning "snow."
NievesSpanishDerived from the Spanish nieces (sn..
NiftoSpanishMeaning "young child."
NiganNative Amer..Meaning "ahead" or "first." Ojibwa ..
NigelEnglishEvolution of the Scandinavian Njal,..
NihalMuslim/Arab..Derived from the Arabic nahil (one ..
Nihopalao..HawaiianCompound name composed of the eleme..
NiiloFinnishFrom the Irish Neil, which means "c..
NikaRussianA short form of Veronika, Nika is..
NikaRussianA short form of Veronika, Nika is..
NikaNigerianMeaning "ferocious." A name selecte..
NikaNative Amer..Meaning "wild goose." From the Ojib..
NikanNative Amer..From the Potawatomi this name means..
NikeGreekDerived from nike (victory). The na..
NikeeshaAfrican-Ame..Modern coinage of uncertain derivat..
NikiHungarianMeaning "victory" or "triumph."
NikiAmericanA familiar form of Nicole and Ni..
NikitaGreekA borrowing from the Russian, Nikit..
NikitaRussianCognate of the Greek Aniketos (unco..
NiklasSwedishA form of Nicholas, meaning "vict..
NiklavsLatvianThe equivalent of the Greek nam..
NikoGreekShort form of any of the various na..
NikodemPolishFrom the Greek Nikodemos, a compoun..

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