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We have 433 Baby Names beginning with the letter "I" - Showing from 281 to 315.
Name Origin Meaning Rating Fav.
IrmaHungarianA borrowing from the German, Irma o..
IromagajaNative Amer..Derived from the Siouan ite amaraju..
IrumbaUgandanMeaning "born after twins."
IrvingScottishTransferred use of the surname, whi..
IrwinEnglishMeaning "sea friend." A well-known ..
IrynaUkrainianMeaning "peace."
IsaacBiblicalDerived from the Hebrew yitshaq (la..
IsaacEnglishFrom the Ecclesiastic Greek Isaak..
IsaacHebrewAnglicized form of Yitzchak (he wil..
IsaacSpanishDerived from the Hebrew Yitzchak (h..
IsaakAmericanEcclesiastic Greek form of the Hebr..
IsaakFrenchA borrowing from the Ecclesiastic G..
IsaakGermanA borrowing from the Ecclesiastic G..
IsaakGreekDerived from the Hebrew Yitzchak (h..
IsaakRussianRussian cognate of Isaac, a derivat..
IsabeauFrenchSee Isabel in Spanish names.
IsabelIrishOriginated as a Spanish variant of ..
IsabelScottishA borrowing from the English, Isabe..
IsabelSpanishA form of the name Elizabeth, mea..
IsabelaHawaiianHawaiian form of Isabella, a Span..
IsabelaPortugueseRosa Popular combination name compo..
IsabelaPortugueseRosa Popular combination name compo..
IsabelaSpanishVariant form of Elisabeth, which is..
IsabellaItalianA borrowing from the Spanish, Isabe..
IsabelleEnglishOriginated as a Spanish variant of ..
IsabelleFrenchA borrowing from the Spanish, Isabe..
IsadoraGreekFeminine form of Isidoros (gift of ..
IsaiahBiblicalDerived from the Hebrew yesha 'yah ..
IsaiahHebrewDerived from the Hebrew yesha 'yah ..
IsaieFrenchFrom the Ecclesiastic Late Latin Is..
IsakScandinavia..Swedish cognate of Isaac, which is ..
IsamEnglishLiterally means "home of the iron o..
IsamuJapaneseVigorous, robust, energetic
IsandroSpanishDerived from the Greek Lysandros (f..
IsasJapaneseWorthy, meritorious

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