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We have 433 Baby Names beginning with the letter "I" - Showing from 36 to 70.
Name Origin Meaning Rating Fav.
IdeixeGermanElaboration of Ida (worker, industr..
IdemudiaBenineseMeaning "bravery" or "a brave child..
IdetteGermanDiminutive form of Ida (worker, ind..
IdiAfricanBorn during the Idd festival. The I..
IdogbeNigerianMeaning "the second born after twin..
IdolinaSpanishDerived from the Latin idolum (idol..
IdonaGermanDerived from the Scandinavian Idony..
IdoniaSpanishDerived from the Latin Idoneus (of ..
IdonyEnglishPopular name first formed in the Mi..
IdonyScandinavia..Popular medieval name derived from ..
IdowuAfricanOruko name meaning "first child aft..
IdowuNigerianMeaning "the first child born after..
IdraHebrewAramaic name meaning "fig tree." Th..
IdrisWelshCompound name composed of the eleme..
IdriyaHebrewA duck
IefanWelshWelsh cognate of John (God is graci..
IekeHawaiianHawaiian form of Jesse, a cognate..
IelemiaHawaiianHawaiian form of Jeremiah, a name..
IenipaHawaiianHawaiianized form of Jennifer, a ..
IeremiyaRussianFrom the Ecclesiastic Greek Hieremi..
IestynWelshWelsh form of Justin (lawful, right..
IeuanWelshOriginal Welsh form of John (God is..
IezekielGreekGreek cognate of the Hebrew Yechezk..
IfamaAfricanEverything is fine, all is well. Ib..
IfamaNigerianMeaning "all is well."
IfeAfricanLove. Yoruba, Nigeria
IfeNigerianMeaning "love."
IfetayoAfricanLove brings happiness and joy. Yoru..
IfetayoNigerianMeaning "love brings happiness."
IfigeniaSpanishDerived from the Greek Iphigeneia (..
IforWelshAncient yet still common name of un..
IgashoNative Amer..Meaning "wanderer" or "seeker." Als..
IgeNigerianMeaning "delivered feet first."
IgilkaBulgarianA name that means "primrose."
IgnaasScandinavia..Dutch cognate of the Latin Ignatius..

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