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We have 433 Baby Names beginning with the letter "I" - Showing from 141 to 175.
Name Origin Meaning Rating Fav.
ImmokaleeNative Amer..Tumbling water. Cherokee
ImogenEnglishOf uncertain origin and meaning, Im..
ImreHungarianOf debated origin. Some think it is..
ImricliCzechMeaning "home ruler."
In'amMuslim/Arab..Derived from the Arabic in am (bene..
In-SuKoreanPreserving wisdom
InaEnglishShort form of any of the various na..
InaIrishAnglicized form of Aghna, the Irish..
InaScottishA short form of any of the various ..
InaNigerianMeaning "mother of the rains."
InacioPortugueseFrom the Latin Ignatius, a derivati..
InannaMythology a..Borne in Assyro-Babylonian mytholog..
InasMuslim/Arab..Derived from inas (sociability)
InayIndianMeaning "God" or "godlike." Another..
InayaMuslim/Arab..From the Arabic inaya (to be solici..
InceHungarianDerived from the Latin Innocent, wh..
IndalecioSpanishPopular name derived from the Greek..
InderIndianMeaning "god of heaven" or "god of ..
IndiaEnglishTaken from the name of the subconti..
IndianaSpanishDerived from the Late Latin Indianu..
IndiraHinduDerived from the Sanskrit indird (b..
IndiraIndianMeaning "splendid." The Hindu god o..
IndraHinduOf uncertain derivation borne by th..
IndrajitHinduCompound name composed of Indra, th..
IndraneeHinduWife of Indra. Indra is the name of..
IndrayanHinduDerived from Indra, the name of the..
IndrayaniHinduWife of Indra
IneJapaneseRice. The name connotes a nurturing..
Inen-Toxx..Native Amer..My echo. Nez Perce
InesFrenchA borrowing from the Spanish, Ines ..
InesSpanishPopular Spanish form of Agnes, a na..
InessaRussianRussian form of Agnes, a cognate ..
InezPortuguesePortuguese form of Agnes, a name de..
InezSpanishMeaning "purity," it is a form of t..

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