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We have 433 Baby Names beginning with the letter "I" - Showing from 106 to 140.
Name Origin Meaning Rating Fav.
IkuseghanAfricanPeace is better than war. Benin, Ni..
IkuseghanNigerianMeaning "peace is greater than war...
Il-SungKoreanComposed of elements meaning "super..
IlanHebrewThis name means "tree."
IlarWelshWelsh form of Hilary (cheerful). Se..
IlarioItalianDerived from the Latin Hilarius, wh..
IldikoHungarianOf Germanic origin meaning "warrior..
IleanaRumanianRumanian cognate of the Latin Aelia..
IleinaHawaiianHawaiian form of Elaine, an Engli..
IleshaHinduCompound name composed of the eleme..
IlimaHawaiianThe name of the flower of Oahu. Gol..
IliseGermanA form of Elise
IlishaHebrewAn alternate form of Alisha, meanin..
IllarionRussianDerived from the Greek Hilarion, a ..
IlltudWelshCompound name composed of the eleme..
IlonaHungarianHungarian form of the Greek Helene,..
IlseGermanA pet form of Elisabeth (God is my ..
IlyaRussianMeaning "God is my fortress." Paint..
ImaJapanesePresent, now
ImaGermanA familiar form of Amelia.
ImaeJapanesePresent generation
ImakoJapanesePresent child
ImalaNative Amer..Meaning "disciplinarian." Source un..
ImanMuslim/Arab..Derived from the Arabic iman (faith..
ImaniAfricanA name that signifies "faith."
ImarogbeAfricanChild born to a good and caring fam..
ImarogbeNigerianMeaning "child born into a good fam..
ImeldaItalianDerived from the Germanic Irmenhild..
ImeldaSpanishDerived from the Germanic Irmenhild..
ImeldaGermanMeaning "warrior." Notable persons ..
Immacolat..ItalianDerived from the Latin immaculatus ..
Immanu'elHebrewMeaning "God is with us."

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