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Browse over 276 Russian Girl Names and Russian Boy Names

Russian Baby Names

Name Origin Meaning Rating Fav.
LevRussianMeaning "lion." Notable persons inc..
LiaRussianA short form of the various names c..
LidiyaRussianRussian cognate of the Greek Lydia..
LiliyaRussianDerived from the Latin lilium (lily..
LinaRussianPet form of various names containin..
LizaRussianA short form of Elizabeta (God is..
LubovRussianMeaning "love."
LudmilaRussianCompound name composed of the Slavo..
LuizaRussianPopular feminine form of Louis (f..
MadinaRussianRussian form of the Greek Magdalen..
MaiyaRussianRussian form of Maia, the name of a..
MakariRussianDerived from the Greek Makarios, wh..
MaksimRussianA short form of Maksimilian, Maks..
MaksimilianRussianRussian form of Maximilian, a name ..
MargaritaRussianRussian form of Margaret, a cogna..
MariannaRussianFeminine form of the Latin Marianu..
MarinaRussianOf debated origin and meaning, some..
MariyaRussianRussian form of Mary, a name derive..
MarkRussianCognate of the Latin Marcus, a name..
MartaRussianRussian form of Martha, a name deri..
MartinRussianFrom the Latin Martinus (of Mars, w..
MatrionaRussianDerived from the Latin matrona (a m..
MatveiRussianRussian cognate of Matthew, a deriv..
MayaRussianIn Greek mythology, Maya is the mot..
MefodiRussianDerived from the Greek Methodios (f..
MelaniyaRussianDerived from the Greek Melaina, w..
MikhailRussianRussian cognate of Michael, a name ..
MilenaRussianFrom the Slavic, meaning "kind."
MironRussianRussian form of the Greek Myron, a ..
MoisseRussianRussian form of Moses, an Ecclesi..
MorizRussianDerived from the Greek Moris, a cog..
MstislavRussianRussian cognate of the Polish Miecz..
NadezhdaRussianPopular name derived from the Russi..
NadyaRussianThe pet form of Nadezhda (hope), Na..
NataliyaRussianA popular borrowing from the Latin,..

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