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Browse over 276 Russian Girl Names and Russian Boy Names

Russian Baby Names

Name Origin Meaning Rating Fav.
EkaterinaRussianFrom the Greek Aikaterine, a popula..
ElenaRussianPopular name derived from the Greek..
ElizabetaRussianDerived from the Hebrew elisheba' (..
EllaRussianOriginated as a short form of any o..
ElviraRussianA borrowing from the Spanish, Elvir..
EvaRussianLatinate form of Eve, a derivative ..
EvdokiyaRussianRussian cognate of the Greek Eudosi..
EvelinaRussianElaborated form of Eva (life). See ..
EvfemiyaRussianRussian cognate of the Greek Eufemi..
EvfimiRussianRussian cognate of the Greek Euphem..
EvgeniRussianRussian cognate of the Greek Eugeni..
EvgeniyaRussianRussian cognate of the Greek Eugeni..
EvlaliyaRussianRussian cognate of the Greek Eulal..
FedosyaRussianRussian cognate of the Greek Theod..
FeodoriyaRussianRussian cognate of the Greek Theodo..
FilikitataRussianRussian cognate of the Italian Feli..
FokaRussianDerived from the Greek Phocas (from..
FyodorRussianMeaning "gift of God." The Russian ..
GalinaRussianOf uncertain derivation, Galina mig..
GavrhlRussianRussian form of Gabriel, a cognat..
GennadiRussianDerived from Januarius, the Latin n..
GeorgiRussianDerived from the Greek Georgios, a ..
GeorginaRussianFeminine form of Georgi (earthwor..
GermanRussianRussian cognate of the German Herma..
GiorgiRussianMeaning "farmer."
GjuzelRussianRussian form of the German Giselle ..
GrigoriRussianFrom the Greek Gregorios (vigilant,..
IakovRussianFrom the Greek Iakobos, which is fr..
IdaRussianA borrowing from the German, Ida is..
IeremiyaRussianFrom the Ecclesiastic Greek Hieremi..
IgnatiRussianDerived from the Greek Ignatios, a ..
IgorRussianVariant form of Ivor (bow warrior..
IllarionRussianDerived from the Greek Hilarion, a ..
IlyaRussianMeaning "God is my fortress." Paint..
InessaRussianRussian form of Agnes, a cognate ..

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