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Browse over 304 Portuguese Girl Names and Portuguese Boy Names

Portuguese Baby Names

Name Origin Meaning Rating Fav.
JuliaPortugueseFeminine form of the Latin Julius, ..
JulianaPortugueseLatin feminine form of Julianus, fr..
JuliaoPortuguesePortuguese form of Julian, which ..
JulioPortuguesePortuguese form of Julius, an old R..
LadislaoPortuguesePortuguese cognate of the Slavonic ..
LauraPortugueseA variation upon the name Lauro, me..
LaurenchoPortuguesePortuguese cognate of Laurence, whi..
LaurenzaPortugueseFeminine form of Laurencho (man fro..
LauroPortugueseA variation upon the name Lawrence..
LeaoPortugueseDerived from the Latin leo (lion)
LeonardoPortugueseFrom the Old High German Lewenhart,..
LeonorPortuguesePortuguese form of Eleanor, a name ..
LeopoldoPortugueseA variation upon the name Leopold..
LeticiaPortugueseMeaning "joy; delight."
LiberadaPortugueseFeminine form of Liberato, a name..
LiberatoPortugueseDerived from the Latin Liberatus (h..
LidiaPortugueseMeaning "woman of Lydia."
LiicioPortugueseA form of Lucius, meaning "light...
LucasPortugueseEcclesiastic Late Latin name though..
LuciaPortugueseMeaning "light," it is a variation ..
LuisPortugueseCognate of the French Louis (famous..
LuisaPortugueseFeminine form of Luis (famous in wa..
LuizaPortugueseA variation upon the name Lewis, ..
ManuelPortugueseDerived from the Greek Emmanouel, w..
MarciaPortugueseA variation upon the name Marcos,..
MarcioPortugueseA form of Marcus, meaning "belong..
MarcosPortugueseDerived from the Latin Marcus, a na..
MargaritaPortugueseDerived from the Greek Margarltes..
MariaPortugueseA highly popular name, Maria is the..
Maria-AmeliaPortuguesePopular combination name composed o..
Maria-Da-AssuncaoPortugueseCombination name composed of the na..
Maria-Da-GloriaPortugueseCombination name composed of the na..
Maria-Das-NevesPortugueseCombination name composed of the na..
Maria-JosephaPortugueseCombination name composed of the na..
Maria-PiaPortugueseCombination name composed of the na..

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