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Browse over 304 Portuguese Girl Names and Portuguese Boy Names

Portuguese Baby Names

Name Origin Meaning Rating Fav.
HenriquetaPortugueseFeminine form of Henrique (ruler of..
HerculanoPortugueseDerived from Hercules, the Latin ..
HieronimoPortugueseDerived from the Greek Hieronymos (..
HilariaoPortugueseFeminine form of Hilario, a name de..
HilarioPortugueseDerived from the Latin Hilarius, wh..
HoraciaPortugueseFeminine form of Horacio, a name of..
HoracioPortugueseDerived from the Latin Horatius, an..
HortensiaPortugueseMeaning "gardener." Hortensia is a ..
HubertoPortuguesePortuguese cognate of Hubert, a nam..
HugoPortugueseA borrowing from the German, Hugo i..
InacioPortugueseFrom the Latin Ignatius, a derivati..
InezPortuguesePortuguese form of Agnes, a name de..
IolandaPortugueseMeaning "violet flower."
IrisPortugueseMeaning "rainbow." Iris was the Gre..
IsabelaPortugueseRosa Popular combination name compo..
IsabelaPortugueseRosa Popular combination name compo..
IsidoroPortugueseFrom the Greek Isidoros (gift of ..
IsmaelPortugueseA variation upon the name Ishmael..
JacintoPortugueseDerived from the Greek Hyakinthos (..
JaimePortuguesePortuguese cognate of James, a name..
JanePortugueseA variation upon the name Joao
JanuarioPortugueseDerived from the Latin Januarius (o..
JaquelinePortugueseMeaning "the supplanter."
JesusPortuguesePortuguese form of Jesus, a name de..
JoanaPortugueseFrom the Middle Latin Johanna, a fe..
JoanicoPortuguesePortuguese form of John (God is gra..
JoaoPortugueseA variation upon the name John, w..
JoaquimPortugueseDerived from the Hebrew Jeohiakim, ..
JohnPortugueseDerived from the Middle Latin Johan..
JoquinaPortugueseFeminine form of Joaquim (God wil..
JordaoPortuguesePortuguese cognate of Jordan, a nam..
JorgePortuguesePortuguese cognate of George, which..
JosePortuguesePortuguese cognate of Joseph, an Ec..
JosephaPortugueseFeminine form of Joseph, which is..
JosephinaPortugueseFrom the French Josephine, a femi..

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