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Browse over 304 Portuguese Girl Names and Portuguese Boy Names

Portuguese Baby Names

Name Origin Meaning Rating Fav.
BenedictaPortugueseFeminine form of Benedicto, which..
BenedictoPortugueseDerived from the Latin Benedictus..
BeneditaPortugueseA variation upon the name Benedito..
BeneditoPortugueseA variation upon the name Benedict..
BenjaminhoPortuguesePortuguese cognate of Benjamin, whi..
BentoPortugueseA short form of Benedicto (blesse..
BernardoPortugueseFrom the Old High German Berinhard..
BertraoPortuguesePortuguese cognate of Bertram, a ..
BiancaPortugueseA borrowing from the Italian, Bianc..
BoaventuraPortuguesePortuguese form of the Italian Bona..
BoleslauPortuguesePortuguese cognate of the Slavonic ..
BrancaPortugueseA variation upon the name Bianca,..
BrazPortuguesePortuguese cognate of the French B..
BritesPortuguesePortuguese cognate of the Irish Bri..
BrunoPortugueseMeaning "brown."
CaioPortugueseA form of Gaius, meaning "to rejo..
CaridadePortugueseDerived from the Portuguese caridad..
CarlaPortuguesePopular feminine form of Carlos, a ..
CarlosPortuguesePortuguese cognate of Charles, whic..
CarlotaPortuguesePortuguese form of the French Charl..
CarmenPortuguesePortuguese cognate of Carmel (viney..
CatherinePortugueseDerived from the Greek Aikaterine..
ChristinhaPortuguesePortuguese form of Christine, a der..
ChristovaoPortuguesePortuguese cognate of Christopher (..
CintiaPortugueseA variation upon the name Cynthia..
ClaudiaPortugueseA variation upon the name Claudio..
ClaudioPortugueseA variation upon the name Claude, m..
ClementePortugueseFrom the Late Latin Clemens, which ..
ConceiqaoPortuguesePortuguese cognate of the Spanish C..
ConstanciaPortuguesePortuguese cognate of the French Co..
CristianoPortugueseMeaning "Christian."
CristinaPortugueseA variation upon the name Cristian..
CyriloPortugueseDerived from the Late Latin Cyrillu..
DaliaPortugueseMeaning "from the valley."
DamiaoPortugueseDerived from the Greek Damianos, ..

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