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Browse over 238 Polynesian Girl Names and Polynesian Boy Names

Polynesian Baby Names

Name Origin Meaning Rating Fav.
NuniaPolynesianA chief woman
OfaPolynesianLove, affection
OsileaniPolynesianTo speak for the last time
PelekiPolynesianTongan form of Blake (black, dark-c..
PeniPolynesianTongan form of Ben. See Ben (En..
PesekavaPolynesianA kava song. Kava is a traditional ..
PitaPolynesianTongan form of Peter (a rock). See ..
PoliPolynesianTongan form of Polly, a pet form of..
PosoaPolynesianA night of flirting at the fence
PuaPolynesianBorrowed from that of a flowering t..
PuakaeafePolynesianA thousand pigs
PuakatauPolynesianA boar
PulupakiPolynesianA fragrant garland of flowers
SalotePolynesianTongan form of Charlotte (full-grow..
SamisoniPolynesianTongan form of Samson (sun). See S..
SaulaPolynesianTongan form of Saul (asked). See S..
SeiniPolynesianTongan form of Jane (God is graciou..
SelaPolynesianTongan form of Sarah (princess). Se..
SelemaeaPolynesianTongan form of Jeremiah (the Lord l..
SeliPolynesianTongan form of Shirley. See SHIRLE..
SemiPolynesianTongan form of Shem (reputation). S..
SemisiPolynesianTongan form of James (seizing by th..
SesePolynesianTongan form of Francis (a freeman, ..
SiakiPolynesianTongan form of Jack (God is graciou..
SiaosiPolynesianTongan form of George (earthworker,..
SimiPolynesianTongan form of Jim (supplanting, se..
SionePolynesianTongan form of John (God is graciou..
SisiliaPolynesianTongan form of Cecilia (blind, dim-..
SiuaPolynesianTo fish in the ocean. Siua is also ..
SosaiaPolynesianTongan form of Josiah (the Lord sup..

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