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Browse over 238 Polynesian Girl Names and Polynesian Boy Names

Polynesian Baby Names

Name Origin Meaning Rating Fav.
FakapeleaPolynesianA pet
FalakikaPolynesianMy mat
FaleakaPolynesianA house made from the aka plant
FangalokaPolynesianThe seashore being pounded by waves..
FangatuaPolynesianTo wrestle
FatuimoanaPolynesianThe hala garlands threaded to take ..
FauPolynesianTo build; the hau tree
FauikiPolynesianSmall hau trees
FautavePolynesianTall hau trees
FeiloPolynesianTo know one another
FekitoaPolynesianThe meeting of two brave men
FeletiPolynesianTongan form of Fred (peace). See F..
FetuuPolynesianA star
FielikiPolynesianWishing to be washed with oil and w..
FihakiPolynesianTo mix the flowers in a garland
FiliaPolynesianTo chose from many
FilimoeikaPolynesianAn enemy of the shark
FilipePolynesianTongan form of Philip (lover of hor..
FineevaPolynesianA woman who is always talking
FineongoPolynesianThe beautiful woman, the much-talke..
FipePolynesianTongan form of Phoebe (bright one)...
FisiPolynesianA bud, a blossom
FolauPolynesianA voyage, a voyager, to sail
FuanilevuPolynesianThe great
FuikefuPolynesianThe grass loincloth used when fishi..
FuleheuPolynesianA bird
FusilekaPolynesianThe banana plant
HafokaPolynesianTo appear to be big, to look great
HalapoloPolynesianThe road where the chili peppers gr..
HalapuaPolynesianThe road near the pua trees
HalatoaPolynesianThe grove of toa trees, the road by..
HalePolynesianTongan form of Harry (home ruler, r..

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