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Biblical Baby Names

Name Origin Meaning Rating Fav.
BenjaminBiblicalFrom the Hebrew binydmin (son of th..
BereniceBiblicalDerived from the Greek elements phe..
BethBiblicalFrom beth (house), the second lette..
BethanyBiblicalHouse of dates or figs. The name is..
BethelBiblicalDerived from the Hebrew beth'el (ho..
BeulahBiblicalDerived from the Hebrew be'iadh (ma..
BilhahBiblicalBashful, faltering. The name belong..
BithlahBiblicalDaughter of Jehovah. Bithiah was th..
BithyniaBiblicalOf the Bithyni. The name is borrowe..
CainBiblicalDerived from the Hebrew qaying (smi..
CalahBiblicalThe name of one of the most ancient..
CalebBiblicalHebrew name meaning "a dog; fai..
CandaceBiblicalA name of uncertain derivation born..
CasiphiaBiblicalSilver, white, shining. The name is..
CharityBiblicalDerived from the Latin caritas (est..
ChloeBiblicalDerived from the Greek khloe (bloom..
CiliciaBiblicalThe name of a Roman province in sou..
ClaudiaBiblicalDerived from the Latin claudus (hal..
ClementBiblicalDerived from the Latin clemens (mil..
CorneliusBiblicalBelieved to be derived from the Lat..
CyrusBiblicalDerived from the Old Persian kurush..
DamarisBiblicalOf uncertain derivation, some belie..
DanBiblicalJudge. Dan was the fifth son of Jac..
DanielBiblicalDerived from the Hebrew ddni'el (Go..
DariusBiblicalA name of uncertain meaning borne b..
DathanBiblicalBorne by a Ruebenite chieftain who ..
DavidBiblicalDerived from the Hebrew david (belo..
DeborahBiblicalDerived from the Hebrew deborah (a ..
DelilahBiblicalDerived from the Hebrew detilah (de..
DemasBiblicalBorne by a fellow missionary of Pau..
DemetriusBiblicalDerived from the Greek Demetrios (o..
DianaBiblicalDerived from the Latin diviana (div..
DinahBiblicalDerived from the Hebrew dinah (judg..
DorcasBiblicalDerived from the Greek dorkas (gaze..
DoveBiblicalDerived from the Greek taube (dove)..

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