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Nigerian Baby Names

Name Origin Meaning Rating Fav.
AyoNigerianMeaning "great joy."
AyobamiNigerianMeaning "I am blessed with joy."
AyobunmiNigerianMeaning "joy is given to me."
AyodeleNigerianMeaning "joy come home."
AyofemiNigerianMeaning "joy likes me."
AyoluwaNigerianMeaning "joy of our people."
AyoolaNigerianMeaning "joy in wealth."
AziNigerianMeaning "youth."
AzikiweNigerianMeaning "full of vigor." Nnamdi Azi..
BaderinwaNigerianMeaning "worthy of respect."
BalogunNigerianTranslated as "a general." Balogun ..
BandeleNigerianA name that signifies "born away fr..
BanjokoNigerianMeaning "stay with me and wander no..
BankoleNigerianMeaning "help build our house."
BayoNigerianMeaning "joy is found."
BejideNigerianMeaning "a child born in the rainy ..
BernNigerianA name suggesting "peace."
BoladeNigerianMeaning "honor arrives."
BolanileNigerianMeaning "the riches of this house."..
BosedaNigerianMeaning "born on Sunday."
BurnniNigerianMeaning "my gift."
ChijiokeNigerianTranslated literally, this name mea..
ChikeNigerianMeaning "the power of God." Chike O..
ChineloNigerianMeaning "thoughts of God."
ChinueNigerianMeaning "God's blessing."
ChiokeNigerianA name that signifies "God's blessi..
CliiituaNigerianMeaning "blessings from God." Chinu..
DadaNigerianMeaning "a child with curly hair."
DanladiNigerianMeaning "born on Sunday."
DanuwaNigerianMeaning "a close friend."
DauramaNigerianA name translated as "ninth in the ..
DayoNigerianMeaning "joy arrives."
DibiaNigerianA name that means "healer."
DijiNigerianMeaning "a farmer."
DunsimiNigerianTranslated literally, this name mea..

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