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Indian Baby Names

Name Origin Meaning Rating Fav.
MehtaIndianA child with this Sanskrit name pos..
MelaIndianA country fair or any kind of get-t..
MeshaIndianMeaning "born in the lunar month of..
MitraIndianMeaning "fiend." A name for the Hin..
MohanIndianMeaning "delightful." Also the name..
MukulIndianSanskrit for "bud" or "blossom" or ..
MuraliIndianMeaning "God," it can also signify ..
NadisuIndianMeaning "beautiful river."
NandinIndianMeaning "God" or "destroyer." Anoth..
NarainIndianMeaning "protector." Another name f..
NarmadaIndianName of a sacred river in western I..
NataIndianSanskrit for "dancer" or "actor." L..
NatesaIndianMeaning "godlike" or "goddess." Ano..
NavinIndianMeaning "new" or "novel."
NehruIndianMeaning "canal." The name of Jawaha..
NilaIndianMeaning "blue." A cosmic color that..
NitaraIndianMeaning "deeply rooted."
OnkarIndianMeaning "pure being." Another name ..
OpalIndianMeaning "precious stone."
PadmaIndianMeaning "lotus."
PalashIndianMeaning "flowering tree."
PanditaIndianMeaning "scholar." Educated parents..
ParameshIndianMeaning "greatest." Another name fo..
PaushaIndianSignifying the lunar month of Capri..
PavitIndianMeaning "devout; pure."
PingaIndianMeaning "bronze" or "dark." Another..
PollyamIndianMeaning "goddess of the plague." Th..
PoshitaIndianMeaning "cherished" in Sanskrit.
PriyaIndianMeaning "beloved" or "sweet-natured..
PuneetIndianA Sanskrit name that means "pure."
PurdyIndianParents who prefer nature to societ..
QimatIndianMeaning "price."
RaheemIndianMeaning "compassionate God." This i..
RaiijanIndianMeaning "delighted" or "gladdened."
RajahIndianMeaning "prince" or "chief."

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