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We have 241 Baby Names beginning with the letter "Y" - Showing from 71 to 105.
Name Origin Meaning Rating Fav.
YawoGhanaianMeaning "born on Thursday."
YazidAfricanDerived from the Arabic zayd (incre..
Yckhi'elHebrewMeaning "God lives."
YeAfricanElder of twins, first born of twins..
YeGhanaianA name signifying "the elder of twi..
YechezkelHebrewDerived from the Hebrew yechezq'el ..
YedidiahHebrewBeloved by Jehovah. At God's direct..
YedidyaHebrewMeaning "beloved of God."
Yehochana..HebrewDerived from the Hebrew yehochanan ..
YehonatanHebrewDerived from the Hebrew yehonathan ..
YehoshuaHebrewGod is salvation. The name is borne..
YehoyakimHebrewGod will establish
YehudaHebrewA son of Jacob and patriarch of the..
YehudahHebrewPraise. Judah is the popular Anglic..
YehuditHebrewHebrew name meaning "he will be..
YeiraHebrewThis name means "light."
YejideAfricanShe looks like her mother. Yoruba, ..
YejideNigerianMeaning "the image of mother."
Yekaterin..RussianFrom the Greek meaning "pure." Ball..
Yekaterin..UkrainianMeaning "pure."
YelenaRussianFrom the Greek name Helene mean..
Yelisabet..RussianSee also Elizabeth under Hebrew..
YeliuHebrewMeaning "He is God (God is eternal)..
YeluchiNative Amer..Meaning "bear walking silently." Fr..
YemimaHebrewDerived from yemimah (a dove). It i..
YemonJapaneseGuarding the gate. Derived from mon..
YenSoutheast A..Calm, peaceful; a swallow. Vietnam,
YeneneNative Amer..This name means "shaman" or "medici..
YentaHebrewYiddish form of Henrietta, a femini..
YepaNative Amer..Meaning "snow." From the Tarahumara..
YerielHebrewEstablished by Jehovah, founded by ..
YerushaHebrewPossessed, a possession. The name, ..
YesharaHebrewStraightforward, honest
YeshayahuHebrewGod is salvation. Isaiah is the Ang..

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