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We have 152 Baby Names beginning with the letter "U" - Showing from 36 to 70.
Name Origin Meaning Rating Fav.
UlissesPolishPolish form of the Latin Ulysses, a..
UllScandinavia..Thought to be derived from the Goth..
UllaItalianA borrowing from the Scandinavians,..
UllaScandinavia..Derived from the Old Norse ullr (wi..
UllaGermanThis name means "will."
UllaSwedishFrom the Latin name Ursula, which m..
UlliEstonianA variation of the Latin based name..
UllockGermanMeaning "sporting wolf."
UlmoGermanA name that signifies "from Ulm, Ge..
UlricEnglishMiddle English evolution of the Old..
UlricaGermanMeaning "wolf ruler" or "ruler of a..
UlrichFrenchA horrowing from the German, Ulrich..
UlrichGermanMeaning "wolf power." Among renowne..
UlrikScandinavia..Derived from the old Germanic name ..
UlrikaScandinavia..Latinate form of Ulrike, the femini..
UlrikeGermanFeminine form of Ulrich (noble rule..
UlrykPolishFrom the German Ulrich (wealthy rul..
UlrykaPolishPolish form of the German Ulrike, a..
UluAfricanSecond-born female. Ibo, Nigeria
UlulaniHawaiianMeaning "heavenly inspiration."
UluwehiHawaiianMeaning "growing in beauty."
UlvaGermanA name that means "wolf."
UlyssesAfrican-Ame..Latin form of the Greek Odysseus. T..
UlyssesAmericanLatin form of the Greek Odysseus...
UlzumatiNative Amer..Meaning "grizzly bear." From the Mi..
UmaHinduPopular name derived from uma (flax..
UmaMythology a..Derived from the Sanskrit uma (flax..
UmarHinduDerived from the Arabic 'amir (flou..
UmaymaAfricanLittle mother. Derived from the A..
UmbertoItalianItalian form of the Germanic Humber..
UmeJapaneseDerived from the Japanese ume (plum..
UmedHinduHope, desire, wish
UmeekaHinduOne of the names of the goddess Par..

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