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We have 515 Baby Names beginning with the letter "F" - Showing from 141 to 175.
Name Origin Meaning Rating Fav.
FeigeHebrewYiddish name derived from either fe..
FeigelHebrewYiddish name derived from the Germa..
FeiloPolynesianTo know one another
FeirouzPersian"Fortunate." Firouz is the Arabic p..
FeivelHebrewYiddish form of Phoebus, a name der..
FekitoaPolynesianThe meeting of two brave men
FelanIrishAnglicized form of Faolan (little w..
FeletiPolynesianTongan form of Fred (peace). See F..
FeliciaAmericanDerived from felicity (good fortune..
FeliciaEnglishFeminine form of Felix, which is ..
FeliciaHungarianFeminine form of Felix, which is ..
FeliciaItalianFeminine form of Felix, which is ..
FeliciaPolishFeminine form of Feliks (happy, luc..
FelicieFrenchFeminine form of Felix, which is ..
FelicieGermanFeminine form of Felix, which is de..
FelicitaItalianFrom the Late Latin Felicitas, whic..
FeliciteFrenchDerived from the Late Latin Felicit..
FelicityEnglishDerived from felicity, which denote..
FelicjanPolishFrom the Italian Feliciano (lucky),..
FelicytaPolishPolish form of Felicity, which is f..
FeliksPolishPolish cognate of Felix, a name der..
FelimIrishAnglicized form of Feidhlim (the ev..
FelimyIrishAnglicized form of Feidhlimidh (the..
FelipaPortugueseFeminine form of Felippe, the Portu..
FelipaSpanishFeminine form of Felipo, the Span..
FelipeSpanishA form of the name Philip. Compos..
FelipoSpanishSpanish form of the Latin Philippus..
FelippePortugueseFrom the Latin Philippus (lover o..
FelixEnglishDerived from the Latin felix (happy..
FelixFrenchDerived from the Latin felix (lucky..
FelixGermanDerived from the Latin felix (lucky..
FelixGreekA borrowing from the Latin, Felix i..
FelixRumanianDerived from the Latin felix (lucky..
FelixSpanishA borrowing from the Latin, Felix i..
FelixaSpanishFeminine form of Felix, which is ..

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