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We have 253 Baby Names beginning with the letter "Z" - Showing from 71 to 105.
Name Origin Meaning Rating Fav.
ZavieraSpanishA form of the name Xavier, which ..
ZawadiAfricanGift, present. Swahili, E. Africa
ZaydMuslim/Arab..Ancient yet still popular name thou..
ZayitHebrewThis name has the meaning "olive."
ZaylieEnglishOf uncertain etymology, some believ..
ZaynabMuslim/Arab..Very popular name derived from the ..
ZbigniewPolishPopular compound name composed of t..
ZbyhnevSlovakCzech cognate of the Polish Zbigni..
ZbyhnevaSlovakFeminine form of Zbyhnev (to do a..
ZdenekSlovakCzech form of the Latin Sidonius ..
ZdenkaSlovakFeminine form of Zdenek (follower..
ZdeslavSlovakCompound name composed of the Slavo..
ZdeslavaSlovakFeminine form of Zdislav, a compo..
ZdzislawPolishCompound name composed of the Slavo..
ZebAmericanA short form of Zebulun, Zeb is a..
ZebedeeBiblicalDerived from the Hebrew zebhadyah (..
ZebedeeHebrewGift of God. The name is borne in t..
ZeborahAfrican-Ame..Modern coinage apparently influence..
ZebulunAmericanA Hebrew name believed to be de..
ZebulunBiblicalBelieved to be derived from the Ass..
ZechariahBiblicalDerived from the Hebrew zecharyah (..
ZecharyaHebrewDerived from the Hebrew zecharyah (..
ZedekiahBiblicalRighteousness of Jehovah. The name ..
ZefirynPolishDerived from the Greek Zephyra (lik..
ZeharaHebrewBrightness, light
ZehariahHebrewLight of Jehovah
ZehavaHebrewGold, golden
ZehiraHebrewCareful, cautious
ZekeAfrican-Ame..African name derived from the B..
ZekeEnglishOriginally a short form of Ezekiel..
ZekharyaHebrewMeaning "God has remembered." The n..
ZeldaEnglishOf uncertain etymology, Zelda is th..
ZeldaGermanA short form of Griselda. One pop..
ZeleneEnglishMeaning "sunshine."

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