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We have 398 Baby Names beginning with the letter "O" - Showing from 281 to 315.
Name Origin Meaning Rating Fav.
OrlaithIrishAnglicized form of Orfhlaith (golde..
OrlandaGermanMeaning "famous land." A feminine f..
OrlandoItalianItalian cognate of Roland, which is..
OrlandoGermanMeaning "famous land." Baseball pla..
OrmanGermanThis name means "mariner" or "seama..
OrmondEnglishMeaning "Bear mountain."
OrnatIrishAnglicized form of Odharnait (littl..
OrnetteFrenchFrench cognate of Ornetta, an alter..
OrniceHebrewMeaning "cedar tree."
OroSpanishMeaning "golden."
OrpahBiblicalHebrew name meaning "a fawn, a ..
OrpahHebrewA fawn, a forelock. The name Orpah ..
OrpheasGreekIn Greek mythology, a Thracian musi..
OrrickEnglishSignifying "old oak tree."
OrrinEnglish"River." Senator Orrin Hatch repres..
OrsolyaHungarianHungarian form of the Latin Ursula,..
OrsonEnglishDerived from the French nickname Ou..
OrtensiaItalianDerived from the Latin Hortensia, a..
OrthiaGreekDerived from orthos (straight). The..
OrthiaMythology a..Derived from the Greek orthos (stra..
OrtonEnglishMeaning "shore town."
OrunjanNigerianMeaning "born under the midday sun...
OrvaFrenchMeaning "golden" or "worthy."
OrvilleAmericanOf debated origin, some believe it ..
OrvilleEnglishOf debated origin, some believe Orv..
OrvilleFrenchMeaning "golden village." Orville W..
OrvinEnglishMeaning "spear friend."
OsagieBenineseMeaning "sent by God."
OsakweAfricanGod agrees. Benin, Nigeria
OsaliarNigerianMeaning "God hears."
OsarogreBenineseFor families that choose to follow ..
OsayabaNigerianMeaning "God forgives."
Osayimwes..AfricanGod made me complete. Benin, Nigeri..

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